Bespoke corporate wall art from J Creative the branding and design agency

Corporate wall art is more than just your logo. It's pictures that tell the story of your brand, its values and goals. Colourful, unobtrusive, experiential branding. Proven to inspire and motivate your staff and clients.


Our strength is that we never leave to chance how people feel when they come in contact with your brand. It is always a carefully considered, well presented vision of who you are and what you're standing for - and successful brands never miss an opportunity to present that.

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Companies said art
makes their workplace
more welcoming
and productive

Corporate Wall Art

J Creative created the wow factor in a newly renovated development in Earls Court. The target audience were foreign nationals and young professionals. We created an urban and dynamic brand with wall art that filled the walls and stairwells, creating a buzz that saw all the apartments sold in record time.

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